Our hall is the perfect location for any banquet. With accommodations for up to 500 people we host events such as large and small group meetings, academic and sports award presentations, reverse raffles, trade shows and company parties. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can choose a menu that best meets your needs and budget. Call us today to discuss your specific banquet needs. We have listed below some meal choices available to you. If you have a particular menu or food in mind CONTACT US for an estimated cost.

Family Style Meals                
Family style meals are all you can eat.  The food is served individually to the tables in bowls and on platters so that you may choose what and how much you would like. Meals include two meat choices; ham and chicken or ham, chicken, and roast beef. The meal is also served with mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles, vegetable, jello salad, homemade bread and butter, pie and beverage. Sorry, no food may be taken home. All meals include tax and 10% gratuity.

Ham & Chicken     $16.00/Person           
Ham, Chicken and Roast Beef     $16.50/Person           

Plate Dinners
Plate dinners include mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetable, jello salad, relishes, bread, pie and beverage. You may choose to serve your group more than one meat option; however, you are responsible to keep track of who orders which option. If this option is chosen, the number of meals and type must be submitted to Ole Zim's TWO WEEKS PRIOR to your banquet. All meals include tax and gratuity. If the group would like a variety of meals, Ole Zim's suggests after making your reservation, each  member of the group be issued a meal colored meal ticket with a corresponding color to each meal choice. For example; blue tickets are ham dinners, red ticket are chicken dinners.....

Choice of Ham, Chicken or Roast Beef     $13.50/Person           
Cubed Steak                                             $14.25/Person           
Roast Pork & Dressing                              $14.25/Person           
Turkey & Dressing                                    $14.25/Person